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“OH Yes App saved me a lot of time and hassle when I needed an urgent plumbing service. The plumber arrived promptly and fixed the issue quickly. Highly recommend!” – Anju, Kochi


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Nowadays, Summer season can lead to an unabating situation. The intensity of hotness is increasing day by day and your air conditioner is your stylish defense against the scorching heat. To ensure your AC unit keeps you comfortable during the hottest months, it’s pivotal to perform regular maintenance. In this blog, we’ll give you essential AC maintenance Tips that will help you stay cool and ensure your system
operates efficiently all summer long.

1. Regularly Clean or Replace Air Pollutants

Air pollutants are the frontal line of defense against dust and debris. Clogged pollutants can reduce tailwind, making your AC work harder and less efficiently. Check and clean or replace your pollutants every one to three months, depending on operation.

2. Keep the Condenser Unit Clear

The condenser unit (the part outside your home) needs a proper tailwind to work efficiently. Remove any obstructions, similar as leaves or debris, and trim back foliage to maintain a clear space around it.

3. Clean the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils inside your unit can accumulate dirt and dust over time. Clean them annually to insure optimal cooling. Use a soft encounter or a fin comb to gently clean the coils.

4. Keep the Condenser Unit Clear

The evaporator coils inside your unit can accumulate dirt and dust over time. Clean them annually to insure optimal cooling. Use a soft encounter or a fin comb to gently clean the coils.

5. Clean the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils inside your unit can accumulate dirt and dust over time. Clean them annually to insure optimal cooling. Use a soft encounter or a fin comb to gently clean the coils.

6. Check and Clear Drainage Lines

The drainage lines can come clogged, leading to leaks or reduced effectiveness. check and clear any blockages in the drain lines to help water damage and insure proper AC operation.

7. Slick Moving Parts

Well- waxed moving corridors reduce disunion and wear, which can extend the life of your system. Check your proprietor’s primer for instructions on which corridor to slick and do this annually.

8. Calibrate Your Thermostat

A duly calibrated thermostat ensures that your AC system cools your home to the asked temperature. Check the delicacy of your thermostat and calibrate it if necessary.

9. Seal Duct Leaks

Ductwork with leaks can waste a significant quantum of cooled air. Check your tubes for leaks and seal them with applicable accouterments to ameliorate cooling effectiveness.

10. Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

Consider having a professional HVAC technician check and maintain your system at least once a time. They can identify and address issues that may not be apparent during maintenance.

11. Upgrade to a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

Investing in a programmable or smart thermostat can help you optimize your cooling schedule and reduce energy consumption when you are not at home

12. Enhance Home Insulation

Proper sequestration can help keep your home cooler, reducing the cargo on your AC unit. ensure your home is well- isolated to maintain a comfortable inner temperature. By following these AC maintenance tips, you can stay cool and comfortable during the summer while also perfecting the energy effectiveness of your air exertion system. Regular conservation not only keeps you comfortable but can also extend the lifetime of your AC unit and reduce energy costs.



In conclusion, maintaining your air conditioning system is crucial for ensuring its optimal performance, energy efficiency, and longevity. By following these AC maintenance tips, you can save money on energy bills, prevent costly breakdowns, and enjoy a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Regularly cleaning or replacing filters, keeping the condenser unit clear of debris, and scheduling professional inspections are all essential steps in the maintenance of your AC system.

Additionally, maintaining proper insulation, sealing any air leaks, and using a programmable thermostat can further enhance your AC’s efficiency. By taking these measures, you can ensure that your AC system remains in top condition, providing you with reliable and efficient cooling during the hot summer months. You may verify that the mechanical and electrical components are still operating properly with professional maintenance. Oh Yes offers installation, maintenance, and repairs for air conditioners. Do you feel that the performance of your air conditioner is lacking? Reach out to Oh Yes for a consultation right now. Our service partners will be at your doorsteps.

Air conditioners have become a necessity and cater to thousands of households across the country. However, almost every other user complains about the high energy consumption and excessive utility bills. It has been one of the reasons why people still do not prefer having air conditioners in their residences. Well, we are not denying that air conditioners consume less energy. They do use a lot of electricity. However, a loss in the efficiency of the air conditioner can spike electricity bills. Low refrigerant, a lack of maintenance, duct leaks, or clogged filters can be some of the reasons behind the decreasing capacity of the air conditioner.

ac filter changing

Proper maintenance of the unit can also help improve its functioning capacity and extend its lifespan. When the air conditioner is in good condition, it may even not pile up excessively on the energy bills. Keeping the unit clean can help you save loads of cash and reduce the need for AC repair and service

Let us discuss that in detail and find out how AC cleaning servicing can be beneficial and may help reduce the load of high energy bills or maintenance

How is money saved by cleaning air conditioner filters? 

Air conditioners have filters that help ensure the efficiency of the air conditioner. The basic function of these filters is to protect the inside of the unit from dust and other contaminants. Over a period of time, dust, dirt, and other contaminants may accumulate on these filters. If you do not opt for professional AC cleaning services for your air conditioner, you may miss out on multiple things. 

Airflow is restricted by clogged or dirty filters, which cause your air conditioner to work harder to cool your space. Cleaning the filters on a regular basis improves airflow efficiency, lowers your AC unit’s energy consumption, and ultimately lowers your electricity bills. Clean filters also aid in preventing dust and debris buildup on the evaporator coils, which may result in decreased cooling effectiveness and potential system failures. By keeping your filters clean, you can ensure your AC system runs at its best and lasts a long time without needing expensive repairs or replacements.

Most people opt for professional services to ensure safety. You should either clean the filters or seek assistance from the experts. Ensure that the professional has experience or is well-advanced to check the unit. Verify their previous experience before handing them the task of dealing with your air conditioner.

ac filter changing

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According to studies, replacing a dirty or clogged air filter can help reduce energy bills by 5 to 15%. Another key thing to note here is that there are different kinds of air filters. You cannot expect each air filter to operate on a similar basis and consume energy in a similar format. The placement of the filters may also differ depending on whether it is a central air conditioner or a room air conditioner. While cleaning the filter, you should also note that some air filters are not reusable. 

You will either have to replace them only to save on your bills or to prevent them from impacting the airflow. This is one of the concerns that you should pay attention to while purchasing the air conditioner unit. Make sure to read the specifications regarding the air filter. If the air filter is not reusable and can only be replaced, you would also have to check the availability of the filter. If it is not easily accessible, it could cost you a fortune, and your investment in an air conditioner could go in vain. 

Filters have the critical function of filtering the air that passes through them. Therefore, you should take your time to understand the efficiency of the air conditioners to prevent the risk of unnecessary air conditioner repair services.

Filters may also require more frequent attention if they are being used frequently. For instance, the summer months may require turning on the air conditioner more often. However, you cannot let that go without checking the filters. If you have pets or your place is subjected to dusty conditions, you would have to be more careful. Try to keep the place and airflow clean to further benefit from professional home cleaning services. If you do not maintain proper cleaning at your home, it is likely that it will load up on your air conditioner repair bills, which may be reflected later.

How are AC filters cleaned?

Without regular care and maintenance, air conditioner filters may become less effective. Dirty or clogged filters may consume more energy. If you want to save on your energy bills and repair costs, you should be well aware of how to clean the air conditioner units. Here are some of the steps you may follow at home to clean the AC filters.

ac filter checking

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  • The first and most important thing that you should do is turn off the air conditioner unit. Make sure the main switch is off and you do not operate it while it is in working mode.  
  • Next, you should have the necessary tools to open the air conditioner unit. It is likely that some of the units may have multiple vents and you should consider opening it all. Refer to the owner’s manual to have a better understanding of how to open the air conditioner unit so that you are not leading to unwanted damage. 
  • If you see any buildup or dust particles on the air conditioner, you should consider cleaning it with a cloth or vacuuming it. Do not use the vacuum for an extended time as it could impact the condition of the air filter and may pile up for an unnecessary air conditioner repair service. 
  • Even if you think the vacuum is enough and has helped remove the buildup, you should consider washing it. This step is important, and you should never skip it. For deeper cleaning, you should consider mixing one part water with one part vinegar and soaking your filter in it. Keep your filters in the solution for one or two hours. After that, rinse it off with fresh water to clean it properly. If the filter is too large to fit the sink, you may consider a garden use. Make sure you do not use any kind of pressurised setting on the filters, as it could accidentally damage them. 
  • After cleaning it properly, insert them back. Make sure it has been placed properly. Cleaning the filters is necessary, but you should also look for signs of damage. Air conditioner filters get damaged over extensive usage. Replace them in order to be functioning properly. The best way for this could be to get it inspected by a professional. A filter with a hole will never be efficient. Make sure to note down the guarantee of the filter while replacing it so that you can make complete use of it.

AC Filters are a necessary part, but you should also pay attention to the other outer or inner parts of the unit. Make sure you clean it well. You should even keep the compressor unit clean to avoid any kind of mishap or damage. In addition to keeping your unit clean, you should follow other methods to reduce energy bills. 

For instance, you must use shade for the windows, insulate and seal the doors, use a smart thermostat, and check the operating hours of the air conditioner. Avoid using it for extensive or continuous hours. Give your AC a break and get it inspected at regular intervals. You must hire an AC mechanic for further guidance on maintenance and safety. Running an air conditioner may sound expensive, but these ways may help reduce the bills and save you money. 

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With the scorching summer heat approaching, air conditioners have become more than a necessity. Many people have started looking at air conditioners more as an investment because they not only cool down the surface of the room but can also help improve the quality of the air. The only key thing to understand here is that sooner or later, you will need to seek out consultants for professional AC repair and service. There’s no way that you should try to do it yourself, as it could impact the entire unit and its operation. 

While there are many people who attempt to follow YouTube tutorials but fail miserably, you should always seek professional help and get your air conditioner cleaned at regular intervals. Dirty or clogged air filters are the foundation of many problems that may lead to further damage. Let us discuss and take you through the critical benefits that one can avail of if they have the desired professionals seeking their air conditioner units.

  1. Better Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever heard that indoor air quality can be more severe than outdoor air quality? According to the report, more than 4.1% of global deaths are attributed to indoor air pollution. This can be an alarming situation, and poor indoor air quality can even increase the risk of critical health conditions. Contrastingly, many people are unaware that indoor air quality is actually less clean than outdoors. 

It is certainly because of building materials and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by cleaning and personal products. Mould and other allergens can also accumulate in your HVAC system, which can be even more harmful to you. A professional air conditioner cleaning is required to inspect and detect quality issues. The professionals will proceed to clean the unit if anything is suspected. Besides, one should schedule AC cleaning services at regular intervals.

  1. Prioritising Safety is Crucial

Well, safety is a major concern, and there are multiple ways a professional air conditioner cleaner can help with this. The air conditioner unit is a lot different compared to the units of fans and coolers. If you are not well-versed in the different parts, there are high chances you are putting yourself at risk. Besides, it is even more likely that incorrect inspection can lead to faults in the air conditioner, which may even impact the lifespan of your air conditioner. This is why it is recommended to get the air conditioner professionally cleaned. Incorrect methods of inspection can even pose the risk of shocks and threats. 


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Look for professional home cleaning services and get your air conditioner inspected. Avoid any delays if you own a commercial building or have more than two air conditioner units. The higher the number of units, the higher the risk. Always keep this in mind while getting your air conditioners inspected. The professionals will inspect and provide you with a safety certificate, which will give you peace of mind.

  1. Enhanced Performance 

Cleaning can have a direct impact on the performance of the air conditioner. When the dust and debris are collected and the filters get clogged, the normal flow of the air conditioner gets impeded. Clogged filters can make it harder for the unit to operate and function properly. If the dust is collected over the evaporator coil, it may impact its ability to absorb the heat. This can significantly reduce the efficiency and ability to cool the room. If you do not want these aspects to hamper the performance of your air conditioner, you should get the unit cleaned professionally. 

Air conditioners these days come with advanced filters for purification and cleaning. If the filters are proactive, you will have to clean them more often to ensure it does not impact the performance of your air conditioner. While some filters are easy to clean, some are not. Look for reliable professional home cleaning services and ask them for maintenance and safety tips. Make sure you ask the professionals specifically about your unit. If you have different types of air conditioner units, make sure to mention them so that they can provide you with a clearer understanding of them.

  1. Fewer HVAC Repairs

With technology getting more advanced, it can even be more challenging to detect the problem and rectify it. The sudden issues with the air conditioner unit can cost you hugely. This is one of the reasons why you should get it properly cleaned and inspected to reduce the amount spent on air conditioner repair services. It will not only be fruitful for your wallet but will also be beneficial for your health. 


Is your air conditioner in need of an AC cleaning service? Don’t wait! Book now

As soon as you notice any fluctuations or abruptness in the air conditioner, you should consider getting in touch with the professionals. Insufficient airflow, water leaks, warm air blowing from vents, unusual noises, and bad odours are some of the most common warning signs that one should never take lightly. If you notice any slight changes, get in touch with a professional to get it properly cleaned. Insufficient air flow and bad odours can also arise due to improper cleaning or clogged air filters. The professionals will help detect the problem at an early stage before it turns severe, which may be particularly beneficial and provide you with the utmost comfort.

  1. Save Money in the Long Run

See the money you are spending on air conditioner cleaning as an investment. For instance, if you do not get it checked or cleaned, the dust will get clogged. There are also chances that mould may grow, which can increase the risk of critical conditions. You can cut down on these unnecessary repairs and unexpected costs by scheduling professional air conditioner cleaning at a desired time. The role does not end after cleaning is complete. You will have to continue the maintenance and ensure that air conditioner repair service is not required. Getting it professionally cleaned can save you significantly in the long run.

  1. Longer HVAC Lifespan

Well, just like regular visits can help intercept the risk of potential health issues, regular HVAC cleaning and maintenance can help prevent smaller problems and the risk of damage. For instance, if there is any issue with the air filters or the duct, you will be informed well in advance. It may even allow you to understand what steps you can take to improve the lifespan of your air conditioner unit. You should also consider how these early warning signs are sometimes not obvious or noticeable. 

While you may be able to detect a bad odour, it may be difficult due to the amount of dirt gathered or clogged. Even a dirty spring coil can reduce the performance of the air conditioner and make it harder to operate. 

In other cases, it has even been found that the AC burns out prematurely. Unplanned costs for repair or replacement services can also give you a financial blow. Get rid of all these factors by hiring professionals for AC services and getting them professionally cleaned.

These are some of the efficient ways home cleaning services can prove helpful. You should be aware that the professionals are well-versed in the ins and outs of the air conditioner. They may detect concerns that you may not even have noticed. 

The most significant benefit of hiring these professionals is that they provide guarantees and warranties. Additionally, they would adhere to industry standards, and you can be completely relaxed in that case. Above all, the professionals know how to handle emergencies promptly. It is likely that you will not face these concerns if you have professional assistance with cleaning.

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